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Dear Dr. Angeletti and Staff
I love my beautiful new veneers! They are perfect and are exactly what i wanted so I can't wait to have something done to my bottom teeth. As you know I was extremely nervous about how they would look, but I love the natural look. You and your wonderful staff are excellent! Thank you for all of your hard work on my behalf and I will be recommending you even more people than I did before!
Thank you,

Dr. Angeletti is very humorous when examining your teeth, always making jokes. It's hard to laugh when someone is working in your mouth keeping you entertained while doing a great job. Very caring to make sure you are comfortable in situations such as getting your teeth pulled out,

My dentist is the best! A colorful waiting room filled with magazines, books, games and a fridge with complimentary water catches anyone's eye as son as they walk in! Another exciting part is having a great experience with the dental hygienists who are very nice and funny! The best part is usually always the end for most people because they get to leave, but for me the experience is great because I get to leave with a prize and clean, polished teeth! Oh, and I also love how they give you a treat bag as a "souvenir" of your great trip at the dentist! Dr. Angeletti's office is not your typical place and I can't wait for each six-month appointment!

To: Dr. Fred & Staff, I'm 67 years old and fearful of the dentist all my life. Not any longer!! Today, old filling out repairs, new filling in. No shots, no gas & no pain!! I don't know how to say thank you enough . . . but thanks. You are a true medical professional.
Your friend, George

Dear Dr. Angeletti,
Thank you for quickly scheduling an emergency visit yesterday when I called in the morning. Your staff was most efficient and helpful. I was also highly impressed by your punctuality and quick ability to diagnose and resolve my situation. Many thanks and I look forward to my next visit.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration in preparing this narrative for me. It has been such a pleasant experience meeting you, Dr. Angeletti, and the staff of your practice. I appreciate your willingness to be a patient advocate for someone you only just met! That type of customer service is rare and very much appreciated.

The new atmosphere at Dr. Fred Angeletti's office is absolutely amazing. When you walk in the office you are greeted with warm friendly smiles and a felling of family. They have found that perfect balance of professionalism and kindness.

I love my dentist! I have never had any fear of going to the dentist. I always feel like they make an effort to get to know me and make me feel as comfortable as possible!

Dr. Angeletti and his staff make a great effort to ensure my comfort. The staff is friendly and helpful. I do not feel any pain from the oral injection. I have been a patient for 10 years, and I recommend him highly.

Professional and as comfortable as dental work can ever be. Dr. Angeletti and his staff are very good at their jobs, their cleaning is excellent. The office is quiet, neat, professional.

All those working with Dr. Angeletti are very helpful. They are very professional, yet they always ask about how you have been doing like they are family friends. I really think that is important, that they have that kind of relationship with their patients.

Very fun and upbeat office....nice staff and hygienists...the dental assistant is always making me feel relaxed and cared for!!

Makes a dental visit overall relaxing, and as enjoyable as possible!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!!!!!! As a new patient and although I am quite dental phobic, my procedure was painless. I am a personal friend of Trisha's and she spoke highly of the practice where she has worked for over ten years. My dental background was bad at best; the latest suggestion five years ago to save my teeth was periodontal surgery....but I said NO! In the past, (I have been to several dentists through the years) with a simple cleaning, I would have a sore mouth and headache for three days, so as you might guess, I just didn't go to the dentist.
I really didn't want to lose my teeth and it had been several years since I had been to a dentist, and in my mind, they were all the same. However, Dr. Angeletti and his staff were wonderful! I did have a deep cleaning, but with a few meds, I didn't remember a thing and when the novocaine wore off, I was in NO PAIN or had NO HEADACHE! Stacey was wonderful and thank you so much for being so easy on a "problem patient." I even called Trisha and asked if they really did the procedure. She assured me it was done and even explained how they do it.
Thanks again for a great dental experience and I look forward to keeping my teeth healthy and my mind at ease. Ya'll are the greatest!

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